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Ways to get involved with iAID

How do I sign up for iAID emails?

To receive periodic information about iAID programs and our blog posts please subscribe to our email database.

How can my business give back to iAID?

Thank you for your interest in changing lives with innovation and technology through your business. Please see the business and group donation options here.  

Can I raise money for iAID? How?

Thank you for considering using your passions, talents, and connections to support the work of iAID. To set up an online fundraiser, click here and choose “Start your fundraiser” and invite your friends and family to donate. 

 and sanitation to families around the world. 

How can I help iAID beyond donating?

Visit Ways to Donate to learn about other options to help.

Can I volunteer for iAID?

Thank you for your genuine interest in volunteering. Because our smart solutions rely on local in-country partners and the people in need to implement, we don’t have volunteer opportunities now. If you are looking for additional ways to provide support, we encourage you to visit our Ways to Donate page.

Does iAID have an internship program?

iAID does not have an internship program currently. All current job opportunities are shown here. 

Does iAID have a campus ambassador program?

iAID does not currently have an official campus ambassador program; however, you can engage your campus community with some of the ideas on our Ways to Donate page.

Are there any job openings at iAID?

As our operation and programs grow we will have more opportunities to join us to help change the world.  Visit our Careers page to learn more.

Why Donate to iAID?

Why should I donate to iAID?


Why should I choose iAID?


Where can I get information on iAID’s financials?

As we only started to operate in 2017 we do not yet have financial statements and annual reports to publish.  In due course these will be available on our website. 

 A minimum of 85% of funds we raise will always be spent directly on projects. About 7% of your donation goes towards administration because without our expert staff, accountability measures and computer infrastructure, we would not be able to manage our programs or deliver our life-changing work. About 8% of your donation is reinvested in fundraising because sharing information about the valuable work of iAID through our communications and outreach work helps us to continue to raise much need funds.

How do I know my money is being well spent?

When you donate to iAID, you can be assured that your donation is making an impact in the area that needs it most. We pledge to be the best possible stewards of all gifts we receive.

Our financial statements will be available in due course. We are confident that we deliver effective, innovative solutions that will transform lives with innovative technological tools and solutions. We would love for you to be a part of our work.

Donating to iAID

Can I donate money to a specific program or geography?

The most efficient and effective way to make an impact today is to make a general donation to iAID. Your financial gift will be leveraged for the most urgent needs. Our many years of experience gives us the insights and learnings needed to maximize our impact together. Further, there are administrative costs associated with directing your funds to a specific program or geography which can decrease the overall impact of your gift. 

Can I donate from an international address or with international currency?

We welcome donations from around the world. All donations are in USD. If a donation is made from an international bank account, there may be additional fees incurred with that transaction. 

How can I donate to iAID? 

The easiest option is to donate online. You can donate using any major credit card here. Please visit Ways to Donate to explore other options to donate. 

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Gifts are deductible under applicable laws. In the United States, iAID has applied to be a tax exempt public charity under Code 501(c)(3) and we are awaiting confirmation of the application. Please consult your tax professional if you have any questions.

Can I donate a portion of proceeds from my business to iAID?

Yes, and thank you for your interest in changing lives through your business. Please visit our ways to donate page to learn more and register your business so you can begin donating today. 

I’d like to make a gift in honor someone. How can I do this?

Many people choose to donate in the name of someone else as a gift. When you donate on our online donation page, select the box that says, “I would like this donation to be made in honor of someone.” You can then write a custom message that we will email to the person you are honoring. 

Does iAID have planned giving options? 

Yes, and thank you for thinking of iAID. We offer multiple planned giving options. Visit here to learn more about how you can leave a legacy. 

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes. Please contact us with your request and a receipt will be provided.

How do I change my credit card for my monthly donation? 

Thank you for your continued support. If you need to change your credit card, please contact us. 

How do I cancel my monthly donation?

We appreciate all you have done to help change lives through iAID and hope to cross paths with you again. To cancel your monthly donation, please contact us. 

Requests for Information

Can someone from iAID speak at my event?

If you would like a iAID representative to speak at an event, please contact us. Please be as specific as possible with your request so that we can best serve you. Please understand that we may not be able to respond and fulfill every request.

Can I interview a iAID team member?

If you are looking to interview a iAID team member, please contact. Please be as specific as possible with your request so that we can best serve you.

Can I get permission to use your photos, videos and logo?

You are welcome to our photos or videos if you give iAID proper credit by stating “photo (or video) by iAID”. If you use our logo file, please ensure your follow our guidelines for use. If you use any of our material or logo, please send us a link or copy as reference via our contact us page.

Can you send me pamphlets or brochures to hand out at my event?

To minimize our costs, we do not print and send materials. Feel free to print resources you may need from our website.