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Our Values

We value the operational freedom of being a not-for-profit organization that is independent of any religious or political affiliation and that does not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion or politics.

We also value and respect:

  • diversity, adaptability and resilience
  • local perspectives and input
  • the role of women in development

Our Pledge to Our Supporters

Our pledge to our supporters and partners is that iAID will:

  • spend your donation in a way that maximizes its impact on the communities we serve
  • respect your privacy always
  • protect your data and not sell your personal details or exchange them with any other organizations
  • be honest with you and always strive to learn and improve – tackling disadvantage can be complex and challenging
  • provide donors with access to information and support as required and always love to hear from you
  • share stories of how our supporters are helping iAID change lives in the developing world
  • be accountable to the recipients of iAID support and see them as collaborative participants and equal partners
  • protect the dignity of the vulnerable people our work touches and the dignity of our supporters and partners around the world
  • carefully research and select the companies with whom we engage with to ensure their values are aligned with ours and those of our supporters
  • recognize and value the skills, expertise and professionalism of our staff and their contribution
  • value the importance of the support we received from our donors and program partners

Social Accountability

At the heart of our work are the people and communities we support. It is our policy to enable project participants to hold iAID accountable for involving them, their leadership and community in all aspects of the programs designed to benefit them. It is our responsibility to ensure participants understand and are actively involved in our programs, and have the opportunity for feedback and dialogue at all stages of the project cycle from planning and implementation through to evaluation.

Accredited Not-for-Profit

As a registered charity, iAID adheres to stringent standard of accountability. All our programs are carefully managed for accountability. All employees and board members are required to maintain the highest standards of integrity and conduct.

iAID adheres to the standards of humanitarian aid as prescribed by the two main international codes of conduct – The ICRC Code of Contact and The Sphere Project. These codes of conduct set out standards that guide how iAID behaves, how we are managed, how we communicate with the public and our partners, and how we spend the funds we raise.

In Israel, iAID is endorsed by the Israel Ministry of Finance as an income tax exempt charity. In the United States, iAID has applied to be a tax exempt public charity under Code 501(c)(3) and is awaiting confirmation of its application. In the meantime, US dollar cash gifts, bequests and contributions of over US$25 to iAID can be made through the P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. Please contact us for details.

iAID is externally audited annually in Israel by Eran Gilboa Accounting Services Limited (515102580) and in the United State by XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

International Codes of Conduct

To ensure accountability and transparency, iAID carefully manages and evaluate all the projects we undertake.

We are signatories of:

The ICRC Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Disaster Relief seeks to safeguard high standards of behavior and maintain independence and effectiveness in disaster relief. It is a voluntary code, enforced by the will of each humanitarian agency that is a signatory to maintain the standards it lays down. Download the ICRC Code of Conduct.

The Sphere Project outlines the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response to which iAID adheres. In line with iAID’s vision and mission, “Sphere envisions a world in which all people affected by disaster or conflict are able to re-establish their lives and recover their livelihoods in ways that respect and promote their dignity.” Established in 1997, The Sphere Project is a voluntary initiative that brings together a wide range of humanitarian agencies around a common aim – to improve the quality of humanitarian assistance and the accountability of humanitarian actors to their constituents, donors and affected populations.

The Sphere Project is based on two core beliefs – that all possible steps should be taken to alleviate human suffering arising out of calamity and conflict and that those affected by disaster have the right to a life with dignity and therefore a right to assistance. Visit the Sphere Project website.

iAID Complaints Policy Statement

Receiving feedback from and responding to complaints from stakeholders is an important part of improving our accountability. iAID believes that any stakeholder has the right to raise a complaint, have that complaint addressed and receive a response for mistakes, wrongful actions or breaches of the codes to which iAID subscribes.

A complaint can be made by any supporter, partner organization, community or individual with whom we work, or any member of the public whether an individual, civil society organization, government, company or other entity.

Ensuring that our stakeholders can hold us to account will improve the quality of our work. iAID strives to be excellent in all that it does but recognizes that this may not always be the case. When we make a mistake, we want and need to be informed. We will use the information to endeavor to put things right and to help us to become more effective.

iAID puts in place formal mechanisms to gather, monitor and act on feedback from beneficiaries and other key stakeholders. Feedback may be positive or negative, but complaints can mean that things have gone wrong. These mechanisms give beneficiaries and local communities a safe and non-threatening way to raise grievances and allegations of harm and have them responded to. An individual or group who expresses a grievance against iAID will have his, her or their complaint investigated and acted on. iAID is committed to ensuring the accessibility and transparency of its Complaints Policy, procedures and systems for making a complaint.

Read our Complaints Policy.