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Collaboration & partnerships-for-purpose

iAID is founded on a belief that philanthropy is about collaboration of expertise and systems, as well as dollars.

Our mission to harness the power of innovation and technology to save lives, alleviate suffering and empower communities to live the kind of life they value will never be achieved through our work alone. Partnering for impact is a key component of how we work.

iAID is about developing working partnerships-for-purpose, not only monetary relationships. We are impact-focused and work towards holistic solutions based on shared value for all parties involved.

We are uniquely positioned to tap into a diverse talent pool of aid experts, tech innovators and innovation specialists to deliver appropriate sustainable technological solutions to some of the world’s greatest humanitarian challenges.

We believe in creativity, collaboration and an inclusive process. Our aim is to enable local and international innovators, change makers, donors and investors to assist in the design, development and ultimate application of technologies that will positively impact and strengthen communities facing disasters and/or humanitarian and development challenges.

What makes iAID unique?

Our funding model is paradigm-shifting…

  • We believe that humanitarian aid can best be delivered through an ecosystem where philanthropists, not-for-profit organizations and the business community can collectively explore ways to provide the most productive and impactful support to communities-in-need.
  • Our methodology takes inspiration from the startup culture, incubator labs, angel investing, accelerators, impact investing and venture capitalists to create positive, sustainable humanitarian-focused change in the world.
  • We see our donors as ‘angel funders’ who support pilot programs that once up and running and meeting key performance indicators help us attract additional funds from bilateral and multilateral institutional donors including the governments of the countries in which we operate, partner governments, organizations that form part of the United Nations, World Bank, World Food Program, European Commission and other not-for-profit and charitable organizations.
  • Successful pilot programs can then be replicated in other countries with adaptations according to local needs and culture.
  • Our funding model redefines the way a not-for-profit (NFP) humanitarian aid organization can engage with the business community. It encourages and supports corporate social responsibility (CSR) through the sharing of expertise, knowledge and non-monetary support, as well as cash.
  • Our objective is to bridge the gap between commercial providers of innovative products and technological solutions and the broader international humanitarian aid community and local governments.
  • We provide a unique channel for the business community to showcase their products and expertise in new markets, increasing their reach and exposure.
  • Our long-term vision is for any returns to be reinvested to subsidize programs where the introductory costs of a technology may be too costly.

We are technology experts and thought leaders…

  • We employ a multidisciplinary problem-solving approach when there are multiple issues requiring individual solutions.
  • Our fact-based process focuses on the need/s without attachment to a specific idea or product.
  • We implement in measured steps. We arrive at the best end-solution through mapping needs, responding to the critical needs first and in parallel researching next-tier needs.
  • Our extensive research process enables decision makers to easily select the best tools for their needs.
  • Our guiding principles cultivate responsible innovations that are relevant and results-focused.
  • Our experts listen to the needs of those we aim to help. We then guide, support and train them from implementation through to use and beyond.
  • We not only look at the immediate needs, but consider what else can be integrated into a solution to address other less pressing needs or future needs.

But above all we are humanitarians…

  • We offer a combination of talent and experience from the worlds of humanitarian aid and technological innovation, with a common aim to make the world a better place for vulnerable, under-served communities.
  • Our mandate is to help local governments and communities provide their constituents with access to services considered to be fundamental human rights, like clean energy and water, through the implementation and management of sustainable, affordable, and if possible, technological solutions.
  • We are exceptional in first-response (within 12 to 24 hours) to natural disasters and complex emergencies; we quickly adapt to changing situations in the field; we have access to humanitarian talent with cultural understanding; and, we always stay after others have left to help empower the local community to take over ownership of programs.