The end of child marriages!

This app could end child marriage in Bangladesh

A new mobile app being rolled out in Bangladesh is being described as a “game changer” in the fight to end all child marriages! The south Asian country hosts one of the worlds highest rates of underage marriages, with more than half of all girls being married before the age of 18, and it’s about time that something is done about it.

WeForum highlights how the Bangladeshi government is aiming to halt this
practice with the help this new app. The app allows matchmakers, priests and
officers who register marriages to verify the bride and grooms ages through an
online database. It includes an offline text messaging version for people living
in rural areas. The users have the ability to access a database that stores a
unique identification number, and it is entered it will either show “Proceed” if
the person is of legal age, or “Warning” if they are not.

The app has already had sweeping success with 3,750 underage marriages
being stopped during its first 6 month trial!

The Bangladeshi prime minister has expressed the goal to eliminate all child
marriages within the country before the year 2041, and the creation of this app
is a big step towards achieving that goal!
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iAID perspective

Mobile apps are continuously invented, with over 6000 new apps being
released in the google play store each day! It is true apps can have some great
roles to play in social, cultural and humanitarian challenges, but, at iAID we
try to emphasize continuously that it is not enough to simply code the solution
into existence. One must understand the behavior of the users and make sure
the eventual usage will be a relevant one. The Bangladesh Child-marriage-
prevention app is a great idea in its core, but we are hesitant on its applicability
in the field. Will the users adop it or not? How would they circumvent it if it
does not play into their motives and incentives? We are interested to see its
field implementation will create the desired effect of the Bangladeshi
-Nir Tenenbaum, iAID Co-Founder and C.I.O

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