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3 Weirdest Israeli FoodTech Startup Trends

One look at 2018’s latest food tech trends and you’ll think your dinner is coming straight out of the future! Making it clear that creating a proper meal is no longer just an art…but a science too.

The Times of Israel has highlighted the 3 weirdest food tech trends coming out
of Israeli startups.

1. Bugs!
The practice of entomophagy (insects being used as food) is common in parts
of Africa and Southeast Asia, but not in the west. However, maybe not for
much longer.

The Israeli startup, FlyingSpArk, has come up with an alternative protein that
is made from ground up fruit fly larva! Another company, Hargol, is also
trying to tackle the potential food crisis by harvesting ground Grasshoppers.
The company advertises that they contain 70% protein and are both Kosher
and Halal.

2. Lab Grown Meat
A startup called Future Meat Technologies, believes that they have found a
sustainable solution to societies meat production problems. Theoretically, a
few animals cells can produce an endless supply of meat grown in a lab!

3. Printing out Dinner?
The startup Foodini, is changing the future of cuisine by using 3D printers to
make dinner! Two professors for the Hebrew University, are working on a
technology that can produce food from nanocellulose fiber. Potentially, people
will be able to print out their meals!

iAID Perspective

There are many innovation vectors in the food sector. They range from
improving traditional issues to end world hunger such as production,
harvesting, processing, manufacturing, and distribution to more exotic or next
generation sectors that include the invention of new protein sources such as
insects, bacteria and the invention of initial forms of the known Star trek
“food generator”. The examples in this article provide a small glimpse into
just 3 innovative trends coming from Israel regarding the food industry. From
the larva or grasshopper based protein production to the 3D printing of food,
all have the potential to completely change the way humans think about food. At
iAID we closely follow the entire spectrum, seeking to always connect
immediate solutions to immediate problems. However, we also promote new
ideas that sometimes break down known paradigms. We look forward to
further developments in this field.

-Nir Tenenbaum, iAID Co-Founder and C.I.O

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