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Partnering with iAID brings impact

Partnering for impact with businesses and philanthropists is a vital component of iAID’s work. Solving global poverty requires a global effort. Partnering with iAID shows your commitment to achieving a more inclusive world through the power of innovation and technology.

iAID’s mission will never be achieved through our work alone. We believe dynamic major partnerships are critical to solving complex global challenges. Robust partnerships are so important in helping iAID create sustained, long-term changes in many of the world’s poorest communities. Our major partners help us to increase our impact and provide us with unique skills and knowledge.

iAID corporate and technology partners in many cases also provide the seed funding, technical know-how or procurement support required to successfully pilot an aid program or project to showcase to institutional donors who are able to provide long term funding to ensure a projects sustainability. These pilot projects can then also be replicated often with only minor changes to create positive change in other locations.

iAID is very fortunate to work with a number of major partners, many who wish to remain anonymous. These include individuals, tech and innovation companies, entrepreneurs, corporate partners, family companies, trusts, foundations, institutions and brands – all who share our passion and belief in the power of technology and innovation to change lives.

iAID corporate and technology partners are committed to developing and supporting socially-responsible initiatives that build stronger, more resilient communities, while enhancing their own unique business and development goals.

We understand that supporting iAID is a reflection of your values and commitment to philanthropy and creating social change. Our team will work with you to create a program or project that supports your mission, enhances your business goals and maximizes impact.

iAID offers its major corporate and technology partners the opportunity to:

  • access cutting edge innovations in the field
  • connect with innovators and innovation hubs and programs
  • meet decision makers in local communities and governments where iAID works
  • be introduced to other organizations involved in iAID programs
  • be acknowledged as humanitarian contributors and socially-conscious businesses

iAID’s major partners are true collaborators who bring their expertise and passion to our programs and projects to create lasting change to the lives of people in poor and marginalized communities or those rebuilding their lives following a disaster.

To discuss a major partnership or collaboration, please contact us.

Other ways businesses can support iAID’s work include:

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