Solar lanterns for the Yazidis!

Lighting up Sinjar Mountain!

A quick update on our ongoing project in Iraq!
Bringing the solar lanterns to the Yazidis on Sinjar Mountain was no easy task. Two specialists from Lifting Hands International Molly and Kyle Nixon, American author Amy L. Beam, and Berlin based photographer David Lohmuller, worked alongside iAID, Y.E.S, and Ourbridge to transport the lights from the DHL warehouse in Dohuk to the Ourbridge local German orphanage.

The next step was to transport the lights from the orphanage in Kurdistan to Sinjar. Unbeknown to everyone the Iraqi army had set up a blockade allowing no foreigners through.

Our partners from Y.E.S, Baderkhan Khassim and Khadir Aezdeen, stepped in with a plan. Eventually, with the endorsement of the Mayor of Sinjar City, they were granted access through the checkpoint.

After a difficult process and thanks to our partners, our team met on top of Sinjar mountain to help deliver the lights to the Yazidi families in the Sardashti Camp and at the bottom of the mountain to the Sharia and Khanke camps. A small step towards our goal of illuminating the darkness the Yazidis have been living in.

Photo Credit: David Lohmueller

Special thank yous to:

Alethea Gold, for donating the lights and coordinating the team.

DHL, for delivering the lights from China to Dohuk, Iraq.

Molly and Kyle Nixon from Lifting Hands International, for all their help on the ground in Iraq.

David Lohmueller, for all his help on the ground in Iraq.

Amy L. Beam, for her tremendous help on the ground in Iraq.

OurBridge, for handling all of the logistics of the lights until they were delivered.

Shingal Charties Organization, for helping Baderkahn Kassim and Khairi Aezedeen with the distribution of the lights on Sinjar Mountain.

Y.E.S (Yazidi Emergency Support), Baderkahn Kassim and Khairi Aezedeen, for their help delivering all the lights on Sinjar Mountain.



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