You can now donate to Unicef by mining cryptocurrency!

Improving the lives of children around the globe just became as easy as browsing the internet! UNICEF has now made it possible to donate to their cause through mining the cryptocurrency Monero.

Weforum highlights the story of how the Australian branch of UNICEF has just
launched what they call The Hope Page. Basically, when you open the page on
your browser it uses your own computer to mine the Monero coin. Any coin
that is mined through the site is automatically donated to UNICEF Australia,
who then spends the money on food, water, and vaccines for vulnerable

This is not the first time UNICEF has dabbled in the use of cryptocurrencies.
In February, the organization launched The Game Changer Project,
which sought to improve the lives of children in Syria. However, this project
required users to download a specific mining software, and in the end it fell
short of its fundraising goal.

It is thought that the The Hope Page will be more successful because it
requires the users to do even less than The Game Changer Project. This is
because it uses your own computers processing power to mine the coin.

UNICEF Australia’s digital engagement and content manager made sure to
specify that The Hope Page is entirely transparent about the fact that they are
borrowing a computer’s processing power. The user will be in complete control
of exactly how much power is donated.
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iAID Perspective

In the past year, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been generating a great
deal of interest, both positive and negative. Both the general public and the aid
sector have been discovering its potential uses, ranging from blockchain based
solutions for refugees, to project ICO’s, and more. One of the pillars
behind cryptocurrencies is the element of mining. In order to “”mine”” or
generate a new “”Coin””, substantial computing power (Thus electrical and
other sources) is required. The Australian UNICEF project is a great example
of a project that is allowing people to harness their own computing power
rather than direct funds. This is all made voluntary by allowing users to opt in
and out. At iAID we see great potential in cryptocurrencies and the ability to
raise funds through alternative methods, as long as a vigilant eye is kept on it.
Thus ensuring the users good will is not abused and that these efforts are true
and reliable.
Nir Tenenbaum, iAID Co-Founder and C.I.O

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