Water Contamination

Scientist in India Develops One-Step Water Contamination Test

All over the word, access to clean water is a constant struggle. In India alone, 163 million people lack access to safe drinking water, and finding it is a daily hardship. The alternative is drinking contaminated water, which can lead to serious health issues such as Cholera, Typhoid, and Dysentery.

Dr. Soumya Haldar of India has developed an easy and inexpensive test that
detects contaminated water! Global Citizen reports that the portable test
consists of a plastic vile and a colorless layer that turns pink when placed into
water that is unsafe to drink. This can have a profound impact on communities
where the safety of water is always in question and drinkable water runs

The innovation is remarkable and Dr. Haldar is set to receive the Biotech
Product, Process Development and Commercialization Award from President
Ram Nath Kovind. (For the full story click here)

iAID Perspective
Clean water has been a well recognized right to every person on the planet. As
such, numerous projects around the world have focused on supplying this
sacred need, from providing easier access and setting up wells to cleaning and
desalinating sources and much, much more. Despite all these large scale and
well meaning projects, the first critical question any person asks himself
approaching a water source is – Is this water clean? In iAID we have been
following and promoting various ideas and projects that have attempted to
provide an easy and reliable solution to this question, ranging from hand-held
sensors to special lab kits and more. Dr. Haldar’s solution is a great option and
a great advancement in a line of solutions that still has many obstacles,
requiring a responsible developmental approach and testing to make sure we
provide this safe water answer to those in need. -Nir Tenenbaum, iAID Co-
Founder and C.I.O

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