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We #disruptpoverty through technology

iAID is the global thought leader in the use of technology and innovation to alleviate poverty.

Ending poverty is achievable, but it requires strategic and meaningful collaboration with governments, the private sector and civil society partners that have local expertise, experience and connections.

Funding of iAID’s work is through a unique model that ensures charitable donations are strategically invested, maximized and matched by a variety of partners.


  • Our core business, expertise and specialization is to harness and maximize the potential of technological innovations to provide sustainable and affordable solutions to many of today’s humanitarian challenges.
  • Our work is fact-based and data-driven, with solutions determined in collaboration with the communities we serve to achieve their desired outcomes and the partners we work with who are the innovators, developers and/or funders of these solutions.
  • We are founded on a belief that philanthropy is about collaboration of expertise and systems, as well as dollars and social consciousness. iAID is about developing working partnerships-for-purpose, not only monetary relationships.
  • We are impact-focused and work towards holistic solutions based on shared valued for all parties involved. We believe that humanitarian aid can best be delivered through an ecosystem where philanthropists, not-for-profit organizations, the business community and governments can collectively explore ways to provide the most productive and impactful support to communities in need.
  • iAID’s programs and people operate across the globe to help communities in developing countries, as well as those affected by disasters, lead the kind of life they value. We do this by guiding them and training them in the implementation and use of technological innovations to solve issues specific to their community, needs and desires.
  • We do this by collaborating with socially-conscious startups and tech professionals from around the world to connect them with humanitarian programs where their products or services can change lives. We support technology and innovation entrepreneurs and companies to design products and services with a distinct social/humanitarian value. We assist technology service and product providers to deliver and distribute in these new markets and communities.
  • We partner with collaborators, commercial partners, academic institutions and institutional donors to co-create, design, implement and invest in cutting-edge solutions to humanitarian and development challenges.
  • We also work with local authorities and governments to promote innovation from within through education and training support that increases local capacity.

Our Guiding Principles

The goal of iAID’s humanitarian development work is not just about technology, but the use of technological systems and tools that will have the greatest impact in improving the quality of life of those who will benefit.

We are proud that our programs don’t simply use the solutions we determine are the best. We stir up creative thought in our partners and connect innovation and innovators with needs and communities.

Our work with technology is always people-centered. We respect the ideas and rights of the communities we serve. We empower them with skills, know-how, education and support. They are partners in their own development.

All iAID programs must adhere to the following principles:

  1. Be evidence- and fact-based.
  2. Provide practical solutions.
  3. Be sustainable over the long term.
  4. Be environmentally-friendly.
  5. Be based on community collaboration.
  6. Empower women.
  7. Use safe products.

Technology, appropriately applied and monitored, can over time lift communities out of poverty and create life-changing economic and social opportunities.

We invite you to see how your support can make a huge difference to so many people’s lives by learning more about iAID on these pages.