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Fact-Based. People-Driven. Technology-focused.

All iAID programs have the end goal of improving capacity of the local communities we serve so they can become self-sustaining.

Our programs are developed and designed in collaboration with local communities, authorities, governments and other not-for-profit partner organizations.

Where possible, we ensure our staff and partners speak the local language and understand the local culture in which we are operating.

iAID programs are regularly monitored during their implementation and adjusted along the way to ensure maximum value to the communities they serve.

Once complete, the programs are comprehensively evaluated and lessons learned used to improve future programs.

Long-Term. Sustainable. Empowering. Replicable. Investible.

There are 4 key action areas by which we organize our humanitarian efforts.

  • Crisis Response
  • Mid-Term Capacity Building
  • Longer Term Education & Training
  • Future Investment in Technology

Our objective is always to work within the limitations of each situation and use those constraints to push creativity and innovative solutions to address the most critical challenges.

The proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is just the beginning of iAID’s work. The core of our mission is to work with communities in need to :

  • “design a new fishing method to feed a village” through implementation, empowerment, education and training, as well as,
  • “find new innovative ways to catch more fish to create a sustainable long-term income stream” through investment in innovations and technologies that deliver replicable and investible outcomes.

This is what changes lives and the way it works is quite simple because each action can function in sequence, in parallel or independent of each other, depending on the requirements of the situation.

Field support

Immediate response often involves providing instantly available, often basic, but relevant, technologies that can aid the operation quickly.


Once on the ground, we evaluate conditions and needs, then investigate, source and implement technologies that will be of value to both aid workers and those in need.

Lessons learned

Through constant ongoing evaluation of our processes and the results we make improvements to our systems and operation.

Sharing knowledge

Knowledge is power. Core to iAID’s ethos is to share between all parties the lessons learned so future outcomes are enhanced.

New ideas

From the lessons learned we not only improve existing systems but drive new innovative efforts.


Field experience helps drive investment into the technologies that work and help lead the way to bring new innovations to the field.